tilt: ann arbor's improv comedy revolution

tilt: a memorial for what was

[Tilt picture, circa 2003] That's right folks, Tilt is no more. From its humble beginnings in November 2000 to its ingloriously delicate fading in 2005, it brought joy and bemusement wherever it went - which is to say, in a small radius around Ann Arbor.

What happened? The old "artistic director" moved away. Others decided it was time they actually worked on that grad degree. New kids moved into town, especially Dan Izzo and his fantastic Improv Inferno, which brought a new level of professionalism and liquor licensism to Ann Arbor improv. We Tilters like to think we paved the way for the exciting improv happening in Ann Arbor today. Tilt would never have come into being if there had been any non-student improv scene in Ann Arbor back in 2000 - its cofounders were too lazy to have formed a new group except out of need.

Questions? Comments? Whisper them to the wind. (Or contact Tilt's old "artistic director", Steve Petersen.)